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New Xiangyang (fake) markets in Shanghai

Today’s Shanghai Daily does many tourists to Shanghai a big favour, because it lists the best places to buy fake goods in this city. I received several mails from readers about where the Xiangyang market moved to, and from the stats of this blog I noted that one of the highest ranking search terms to find my weblog is “Xiangyang Market”, so to help people locate the new places here a short overview:

1) Yatai Xinyang Fashion & Gift market, located in the Science and Technology Museum subway station (Line 2)

2) Qipu Road Market on Qipu Road, north east of the Bund, cross the Suzhou creek on Henan Road and take a left on Qipu Road

3) Jing’an Xiaoting, on Yuyuan Road close to Jing’an subway station.

Lots of bags and watches are still available in the ‘underground’ shops in houses and apartments close to the former Xiangyang market. Just follow one of the vendors with catalogues that will approach you on the street.

Of course these markets do not only sells fakes, but be aware that the majority of the goods is likely to be counterfeit. If you want to make sure you buy the real stuff, go to an official store (although I understand that even there they might sell you fakes). Happy shopping!

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  1. As a travel agent escorting groups to Shanghai – your comments have been the most helpful to me in finding new about the closing of Xiangyang market and where the other markets are. Thanks so much,. Joanne Morris, Thomas Cook Travel, Victoria, B.C. Canada

  2. Since the other comment was from another British Columbian, I thought I’d drop a note too. Heading to Shanghai on a business trip. Last one was in Feb 2004. Heard that they shut down Xiang Yang Market — thanks for the short list of replacements! Cheers. Kevin, Vancouver, B.C., Canada