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Yesterday Spill Group Asia moved into its new office, also in the Jiaotong Universities Science Park. I don’t very much like the process of moving an office, because it costs so much precious time. But it’s unavoidable when a company grows. We first planned to move last Sunday, but because the painters had just finished painting the day before, we decided to postpone the move for a few days to get rid of the smell first. Because Tuesday was August 8 (08-08), and 8 is a lucky number in China, it was agreed that this was the best day to move.

The movers were supposed to come at 2 PM, so at least we could still work half a day. But they were a bit early already, so I had to cut my lunch break (a sandwich while reading emails) short. The first thing they did was disconnect the internet, which literally forced me to stop working.

Packing went very quick, these guys are experienced and work very hard. They get paid a fixed amount, so the harder they work the quicker they can go home. Not only did they help with packing the boxes, but they also disassembled the furniture and later assembled it again (very quickly as well). Then they carried all the boxes and furniture on their back (!) to the new office. I was once again amazed at what these small guys were able to lift. I am glad it’s not my job, especially in the scorching heat of a Shanghai summer.

But connecting the phones and internet took a bit longer than planned. Davin, our systems engineer, worked with Amanda the whole night to make sure we would have internet this morning (vitally important to an online gaming company). Davin then slept two hours and continued his work. That’s the spirit! Thanks to him also our phones are working again now. The office is a big improvement over our temporary office, and I feel very confident to really grow our business from here!

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