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CNN: Toodou in world's 23 hottest start-ups

CNN reports today that Toodou is among the 23 hottest start-ups worldwide. Of course the Toodou staff is very proud of this! There are two other Chinese companies on the list, Bokee (blogging) and Douban (book and music reviews).

Some of the other companies that we share the list with are OpenBC (my favorite social networking tool), Korea’s CyWorld (a virtual world that is HUGE in Korea), (that I use to track the music that I play) and Finish Habbo Hotel (not really a start-up anymore, but a very popular virtual hotel – they just opened a Chinese hotel as well).

Interesting is that out of the 23 companies, only Toodou and Bokee are not available in English. For Toodou we discussed last year to offer the site in English as well (long before YouTube became as big as it is now :-), but we decided at that time to focus our limited resources on China.

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  1. how did CNN define the companies as start-ups? becuase as I know CyWorld is not a new website

  2. Good question, I was wondering about that as well. There is no real logic behind it, as several of the sites have been around for a couple of years already. But whether they are start-ups or more established companies, I am happy to see that Toodou is part of this select group!

  3. I don’t know about Toodou before I found your blog, I signed up there already, that’s a nice place.:D

  4. Connie, is Toodou not too slow when you use it from Holland, due to the Great Firewall?

  5. No, I didn’t feel any problem when I was using Toodou to watch video. It was very nice!:D