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Toodou becomes Tudou

As many of you know Toodou means potato in Chinese. However, in pinyin this is normally written as Tudou. We have always wanted the domain name. Quite a significant number of first-time visitors thought that our domain name was instead of When we first launched the site we had to settle with because had long been taken by another website. However, that web site did not do as well as (they actually shut down their operations), and we had the possibility to buy the domain name.

We plan to switch over to in the very near future. will be automatically redirected to The switch over will be completely invisible and will require little communication even for offline Chinese media, as most of our users know our brand simply as
?? or ???. For foreign media it might be easier as well, because it happens quite often that Toodou is misspelled as Toudoo (For example I just noticed an unlinkable -I had to pay to read it!- article in the Dutch Financieel Dagblad where this was the case). So from now I’ll refer to Toodou as Tudou!

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  1. Hi Marc,

    Next time you need an article from the FD archive, let me know day and title, i have unlimited access to it