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Speeding ticket

We got a registered mail this week, and my wife had to go to the post office to pick it up. It turned out to be a speeding ticket, I got caught after picking up people from the airport about 2 weeks ago. I did not see the camera or the flash, but they had a good picture, I could even see one of them sitting in the back of the car. I drove 104 km/h on an 8-lane highway without any traffic, but apparently only 80 km/h was allowed. Bad luck.

The speeding ticket itself is not a big deal (fines are quite low), but the problem is that as a non-Shanghainese you have to go to a specific traffic police office to pay the fine (Shanghainese can pay online). Of course they are always located in out of the way locations, so it costs you a lot of time to go there, stand in line to show your drivers license (they gave me 3 points as well, after 12 you loose your license), stand in another line to pay the fine and stand in another lane for the receipt. And they even charged me to park the car outside the police office!

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  1. Oops Marc, sounds like you need to switch to cruise control. The roads to the airport is full of cameras, so is the highway to Hangzhou. Good luck in getting no more points.

  2. Today we received a letter from the German police with a nice photo of our licence plate. It was in March and we knew a nice picture of us was taken that night (04:35hours…) on our way to a skiing weekend in Austria. 36 kilometres too fast (136 in stead of 100). Any idea what the fine may be, it was not mentioned in the letter….
    Regards, Son