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Over the past couple of weeks the outside walls of the Spill Group Asia office building have been painted. No clue why that’s taking so long, in China they normally build a whole building in this timeframe, but that’s a different story.

This morning I parked the car at the office, when one of the guards told me I should not park there because they would paint the wall right above my car. I thanked him for letting me know, and he directed me to a safer parking space.

I did not think about it anymore until this afternoon when I was talking on the phone and looked out of the window. To my horror I noticed that a painter had just painted the wall right above my car… Because of the call I forgot about it, but when I returned to my car tonight I inspected it and noticed all kinds of small paint drops on the hood. I immediately notified the guards, who told me I can easily peel or wash it off. He tried it with one spot, that he managed to peel off, but the next was not as easy. Tomorrow during daylight I will give it another try. Lesson learned: from now on I won’t park next to the building anymore.

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