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Saturday’s Toodou party (to avoid confusion I stopped using the name Tudou -with u instead of oo- until the site officially changes its name) was a huge success. Several hundred people came to take a look at the new office, to enjoy the BBQ and to drink free beers. And of course to show their painting talents on the walls (and even on some of the floors…). Most people started on the ground floor that is not in use yet, but soon they moved on to the second floor that had been completely renovated already. And they only stopped when the paint ran out! The office was completely transformed in less than 3 hours, amazing.

It was an enjoyable night, even though I did not get to paint. Luckily the wind and showers from the typhoon had stopped in time for the party, so even the roof terraces could be used. Because the office is so big, some people told me they did not even make it to the roof, because they could not find the entrance. Many of my friends and colleagues showed up, and it was good to meet lots people that I had not seen in a while. Film director David Verbeek was there (I only seem to meet him at the Toodou parties), Rolf Becker from the Shanghai Jazz Orchestra, and even Lei showed up (he was recruited away from Toodou by McKinsey – not a smart move, but that’s his decision).

I also met many new people, among others two Dutch guys living and working in Shanghai. One of them studied in Maastricht just like me, and he is behind the weblog China Snippets. Also the marketing director for Wall’s ice cream was among the guests, he came with Kenny Bloom (who set up Warner Music in China, and is now running Asiavision). Of course the guys from Shanghaiist were present, and as I read on their blog they discovered a new beer at the party.

Pictures of the party can be found here, or do a search on the tag Toodou on, where you’ll find pictures from other people as well.

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