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WordPress unblocked?

One of my favourite blogs is that of Robert Scoble. However, since he started using WordPress a couple of months ago I could not read it in China anymore without using a proxy. Just now I clicked by mistake on a link to his blog and to my surprise it started to load. Slowly, very very slowly. After about 4 minutes (serious) the page was there. I then checked Dave Winer’s other blog on WordPress, and that also loaded (just as slow). Is China finally unblocking WordPress?

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  1. Update: it did not last long, none of the blogs is accessible anymore in Shanghai. Probably a glitch in the Great Firewall software.

  2. Marc,

    Are the troubles when the blog has wordpress in its domain name?

    As I am looking to change my BLOGSOFTWARE i am using to allow some other functionality….not being able to be read in China would not be good


  3. Well does wordpress not work if it’s not hosted on but in the same way doesn’t work.

    So if you want to use wordpress it’s not the end of the world to pay a small amount of money to get a webhost. And domain name etc.

  4. Marcel, Zhongguoist is right, only when a domain is used the site is blocked. BTW, I thought you had stopped blogging 🙂