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Soccer in Brown's

The past days I spent in Shanghai and Beijing with Peter and Reinout from Spill Group, so limited time to write entries for my blog. Of course we also had time for other things than just business, and on Friday night in Beijing we watched the Holland – Ivory Coast game in Brown’s. I did not know the place before, but had received a mail from the Dutch Club in Beijing that this would be the best place to watch the game. Although we had some trouble locating it (an obviously drunk Australian with a young girl on his back helped us out – and decided to go there as well), it was well worth the search.

Upon arrival the whole bar was already filled with orange-wearing and Heineken drinking co-Dutchmen and women. The national anthem was sang loudly by all, and although I normally don’t feel too Dutch anymore, it was fun to be part of this crowd. After Holland’s first goal some people even started throwing with beer, I had never experienced that before in China! Luckily Holland won the game, so the after-party was even better. Dancing on the bar and singing along with Dutch songs, while continuing drinking until the early morning hours. If you are in Beijing and want to watch a game go here!
More pictures here.

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