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Shanghai airport lounge

Today my flight from Shanghai to Macau was delayed, so instead of waiting at the gate I decided to go to the business lounge. I have a Platinum Elite card from KLM, and that gives you worldwide access to KLM lounges, even if you do not fly KLM. Over the past years I have often used this when I wanted to avoid the crowds, or just to drink a cup of coffee. But it seems that KLM is cutting costs: the lounge at Pudong Airport refused to let me in, because KLM changed its policy. Only by paying RMB 150 per person I could enter the lounge. That seemed a bit steep to me, so I decided to move on to the Air France lounge (the 2 airlines merged last year). But here I got the same message, and again I was shown the door. A nice way to treat you best customers KLM 🙁

Then I realized that I am still a VIP member of China Mobile, and that their card also gives access to selected lounges. I have been carrying the card around for a year already, but never used it. The card runs out next week, so just in time to try it out. At the Air France lounge counter I was told that I could indeed enter with it, and even had access to the First Class lounge instead of the Business Class lounge. Not that there was much of a difference, only the chairs were a bit more comfortable. But at least I could read some French and English newspapers and get some fresh coffee. Finally something positive from China Mobile!

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  1. That’s right Amy, I think you were the one who commented on a post last year that I can use it to get into airport lounges. Thanks!