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Discovery Bay boat ride

This is my first post ever from a boat! We are on the fast ferry from Central (Hong Kong) to Discovery Bay, and there is free wifi on board. Not too fast, but compared to internet speeds in Shanghai still pretty decent.

It’s a nice boat ride, the sea is calm and the views are great. Right now we pass by Disneyland, which is right on the waterfront. Not many private boats out today, probably because of the bad weather yesterday (the rain storm continued until last night, and I got soaked on the way to dinner and drinks in Lan Kwai Fong).

We will have a late breakfast (or actually brunch) with two friends who are both bankers in Hong Kong, and who live in Discovery Bay. Still a bit tired from watching the world cup last night, so I am glad we did not set our appointment earlier.

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  1. hoho, you are in HK again? for what? watching the World Cup?:)

  2. Just for some business meetings, and when I am there anyway I also watch the world cup!