in Uncategorized raises 8.5 million USD just closed its second round of funding. Granite, Jafco Asia and IDG will invest a total of 8.5 million USD in the company. We are of course very happy with this investment, that allows the company to keep on growing fast!

The Chinese press release can be found here, an English release will be issued tonight.

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  1. He, that’s good to to hear. Congratulations! We’ll be the next:)

  2. congrats Marc and your team with this funding. Hope Toodou will grow bigger and keeps on being innovative.


  3. Thanks for the congratulations!
    @Jan: good luck with getting funding, and we’ll see each other at your company party in 2 weeks.
    @Bas: Don’t count on Toodou moving internationally, the Chinese market is big enough for us.

  4. Dear Marc, Really happy for you and your partners. I am sure you will be looking for more funding soon considering the speed your business is growing. Congratulations again, Carlo Crosetto from Beijing