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More press at Toodou

Today several Dutch journalists came to Toodou’s office to learn more about our company and website (from newspapers Trouw, De Volkskrant and Financieel Dagblad). I gave them a presentation about the companies’ background, how it developed until now, and what we expect from the future. Of course also here the question of censorship came up, but this time only how Toodou makes sure that no ‘prohibited’ films end up on the site.

Then Vega then gave an run-through of the site, showing some of the highest-rated and most-viewed films. And of course he also showed his own latest film, a short one about his dog that he shot yesterday with his mobile phone (nice film by the way, Vega).

Because of the bad weather Shanghai’s traffic was a nightmare today, so the meeting started about an hour late. Because of that we had to cut the interview short: I had to run to another meeting and they had to get ready for a flight to Guangzhou. They were a bit worried that their flight would be cancelled or delayed. The reason: there is a pretty big typhoon hitting China’s East coast and it’s approaching Shanghai (I can already hear the wind howl around my 28th floor apartment).

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