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Gele Draak (Yellow Dragon) is the leading Dutch website with information about China. I check the site every now and then to see if there is any interesting new information available. I had not done so since my vacation, but now a friend told me that my weblog was chosen as Website of the Month. I took a look, and it’s indeed the case. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. And if you should arrive at my site because of the link at Gele Draak: Welkom (welcome)!

If you speak Dutch and are interested in China, check out Gele Draak. It has among others information on travel, culture, business, and of course news on China. There is also a forum where you can post and answer questions.

One article that’s currently on the front page I would like to point to. It’s a diary of a (group) trip to China in 1978. I did not read the whole article yet (but plan to do that this weekend if I have a bit more time available), but it’s a very different world from the China I am living in now!

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  1. Marc, my pleasure to recommend your site as website of the month at Geledraak. It was quite easy, just wrote them a note about your site and they immediately responded that your website had become website of the month May.

  2. Hi Erwin, thanks a lot for recommending me!