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Over the past days Flickr was (once again) amazingly slow in China. Am I the only one here who is experiencing this? It takes up to 15 minutes to upload one picture, and some pictures just seem to ‘hang’ and don’t get uploaded at all. During my vacation I took hundreds of pictures, and I wanted to upload about 150 for Tuscany and about 30 for Monaco. But at that speed it takes days – which was indeed the case for me. One of my computers has been uploading day and night for a few days, but now finally all pictures on there.

Making sets of the pictures is equally time-consuming: sometimes pictures are not loaded into the overview screen, and just deleting a picture takes between 10-20 seconds. Flickr used to be my favourite picture site, but because of a total lack of innovation and incredibly slow speeds I might consider switching to a new service. Only problem is then that I need to upload all my pictures to a new site. Not sure if that’s worth it. For now I don’t have time to do it anyway, so hopefully Flickr will get better in the near future.

And if you want to see some of the pictures, you can find all thumbnails of the pictures here:
Tuscany (
Monaco (

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  1. Thanks for the advice, will check it out. Is it possible to tag pictures and can people leave comments (I am a a web 2.0 man :-)?