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Finding senior staff is not easy

Spill Group Asia is looking for an experienced senior project manager, but we did not find a suitable person yet. Also the headhunting firms that I talked to did not come up with any good candidates so far. Junior staff is not too difficult to find, but senior staff is a different issue. Does anybody know of a good internet headhunting firm in Shanghai?

I am looking for someone with at least 3-5 years experience in managing online game development projects, preferably at a major gaming company, and who speaks fluently English. This person will manage both outsourced projects and in-house projects. More details see also here. Spill Group offers an excellent package for the right candidate.

I am offering RMB 15,000 to the person who introduces the right candidate to me, payable if the candidate meets our demands and has not left Spill Group within the first three months. Spread the word!

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  1. Dear Marc,

    We can help you with the headhunting assignment.

    We are a media and consutling firm with five-year’s experience in China. We have helped clients in different industries by supplying qualified talents.

    Pleaes write to me at

    scott @ cbiz . cn

    or call my office number:


    Thanks a lot and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Scott Shi
    ChinaBiz Ltd

  2. Hello Marc van der Chijs

    over a search for a new Job, i found your interested webblog and in there was a job offer. I have one question. Is this job still available ???

    Since a few weeks i am searching again a job in Asia, i am originally from germany and lived for few years in Taiwan. So one time you have been in Asia, you really want to be back as soon as possible.
    And my favour working flield is the IT and Internet.

    I was surprised about the expression, that it is so difficult in Shanghai to find Senior Staff people. Most german companies i am in contact with to apply for a job, mostly telling me, that it is so easy to get a chinese worker for the job who is not so expensive like an european worker.

    So, it would be nice to drop me a short message if this job is still available or not. This would be nice.

    Greetings from Europe
    Georg Evertz

    If u like to reply via mail or chat directly, mostly online……

  3. Hi Georg,
    The position has been filled a long time ago already. Of course it is not very difficult to find foreigners to work in China in this kind of positions, but either they are not fluent in Chinese or their salary expectations are skyhigh (or both :-). For this kind of positions I normally prefer to hire Chinese, because the person has to lead a Chinese project team. Good luck with your job search!