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Dutch TV program about Toodou

This morning a team from Dutch broadcaster VPRO came to the Toodou office to make a program about the company. A journalist from Dutch magazine “De Groene Amsterdammer” also joined them. They did an interview with Gary about the company, and they talked with me about the contents of the site and my experiences in China in general. After having lunch with them in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant (lunch for 5 for RMB 25, about USD 3), they went to the house of one of our most famous podcasters for an interview. I did not join them there, but understood that went very well.

As usual when talking to foreign journalists the topic of censorship came up. This is such a big issue outside China, but for most Chinese (and for us) it’s really not a big thing. That always seems to be a surprise to the people we tell this to. And of course if you want to do business in a country, you have to play by the local rules; so if you don’t like it don’t do business there. That’s the same in every country, not only in China. And every country has some sort of censorship, even the ‘free’ US.

I told them on camera that I feel foreign media show China in a very negative way, and that because of that most people have a totally wrong perception of what’s happening here. Chinese people are just as happy (or probably happier) than the average Dutch person. It’s a pity that most media always seem to focus on negative issues. And because of that much of the Western world still underestimates this country. Just wait 15-20 years, and see who will be the world’s leading super power. It could very well be China.

The program will air in Holland on June 11. Not sure when the article in De Groene Amsterdammer will be published.

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