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China Eastern again

As mentioned several times on this blog in the past, China Eastern is not my favourite Chinese airline. Their aircrafts seem to be the least welll maintained, and their service (especially on international flights) is quite bad. The last plane crash in China was a China Eastern plane, and it seemed they almost had another one yesterday.

On a flight from Seoul to Shanghai, an Airbus 340 burst 12 (!) of its tires upon landing at Pudong airport. The crew managed to safely stop the aircraft on the runway, but I am glad I was not on board! According to the Shanghai Daily “the accident was still under investigation”. I don’t know much about flying, but it seems to me that if you manage to burst 12 tires something is seriously wrong.

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  1. Your sister and I were flying with China Eastern from Seoul to Shanghai on september 2nd 2005. The pilot must have been an old MIG-fighter pilot. That day we landed also very rough. But ok, no flat tyres, just lose shoelaces.

  2. I did not realize you flew that same route with them last year. I wonder how many things normally go wrong, because only the extreme cases you will find in the press. The rest is not important enough, or might even be covered up. And maybe that’s good, otherwise many people would not dare to fly anymore.