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Bee Gees concert in Shanghai

More and more artists are coming over to Shanghai to perform, it seems also for them China is opening up. In April the Rolling Stones played here, and last night I went to a concert of the Bee Gees (also in the Shanghai Grand Stage next door to my apartment). Actually it was only Robin Gibb, but he sang all famous Bee Gees songs, so it was not that much different.

Because Qi suddenly had to go to Beijing for a meeting she could not join me, but Thijs Bosma was a willing taker for the ticket. We first had a quick dinner and some beers, and entered the stadium 5 minutes before the start of the concert. It was obvious that the show was not sold out, because there were still many empty seats. Strangely all the most expensive seats were all taken, and we assumed they were all given away for free. But the cheapest ones (that are normally fully booked in China) remained largely empty.

The show started on time, although Robin missed the first two words because he arrived at the microphone too late. I recorded it on my camera, so I have proof! The quality of the video shot with my photo camera (Sony T-7) was amazingly good by the way, and even the sound was much better than expected. The first song (Emotions) was not the best of the whole set, I actually was a bit disappointed. It seemed like Robin did not do a ‘warming up’, because it took him a few songs to really get into the show.

All songs he sang were famous ones, from Massachusetts to Nights on Broadway, and from How Deep is Your Love to You Should be Dancing. The audience went wild, even the (many) Chinese loved it. People were dancing on their seats and even in front of the stage! When the show was over the audience clapped Robin Gibb back to the stage for an encore in which he performed Stayin’ Alive followed by Tragedy. Then the lights went on and people started to leave. But after lots of clapping he came back again, and did Stayin’ Alive one more time.

A great show with great songs. Completely different from the Rolling Stones, but just as entertaining. I loved it!

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