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  1. I’m highly tempted to dig in my old photo archives, and come up with a picture of a certain young student, residing in a student house in a Belgian border village near Maastricht, circa 1991. Just to see whether people thought THAT was a credible contender for the future. 🙂

  2. Jasper,

    Go for it 🙂 Who or what stops you..

  3. Hey guys, stop mobbing me 🙂 Would be interesting to see those pictures though, cannot believe it’s already 15 years ago that we lived there, Jasper. But I prefer my current environment over the cramped room there.

    The atmosphere in the underground kitchen/living room was fun though. Some things that come to mind: half liter bottles of Brand beer, a TV that was always on and people that refused to their own dishes. Do you still have contact to some of the others?

  4. I speak to Edward regularly. Me and my wife visited him a few weeks ago. He lives near Brussels now. Unfortunately he had a divorce last year.
    He’s about the only one from the first year I spend in Veldwezelt I still speak to, apart from you.

    What I most remember about that year was a certain git who thought it would be a good idea to heat up a piece of Brie in his microwave (a luxury item back in those days!). Fucking house smelled like France for 3 weeks!

  5. yes ofcourse!

    I would go for it…. 🙁

    (als je alles van te voren weet, kun je gaan liggen voordat je valt.)