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Toodou 1st Anniversary Party

I am having some trouble keeping my eyes open this morning, after the 1st Toodou Party last night. Luckily a large mug of Starbucks Coffee does wonders.

The party was a big success, with even more people than during the first two parties (Graffiti Party in November & Life is a Game Party in January). This time there was a rock band playing in the office. The band “Limit” played a mix of its own songs combined with covers. The covers even included two Beatles songs, a strange combination.

An interesting mix of people showed up, from fellow bloggers (Shanghaiist) and podcasters, current & ex-colleages from my current and past ventures, to TV presenters and even friends from overseas (Marcel Ekkel from Hong Kong). Of course all the regulars were there as well, such as producer Matthew Peregrine-Jones (working in Shanghai again), film director David Verbeek, and of course Thijs Bosma (whenever there is a party in Shanghai you’ll find him :-). Even Sierk Vojacek and lawyer Wen Li came by around 11 PM (after a meeting – on Saturday night!) – nice to see you here Sierk.

As usual at this kind of party most people leave before midnight. We continued on for another hour with Wodka and Dutch Corenwijn (a lethal combination as Marcel found out the hard way), before dragging ourselves into a taxi. Once again a great night in the Toodou office. Thanks everyone for coming!

Some pictures can be found here.

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  1. Hi Marc,

    Yes it was a good party with a good mix of people!

    Good band who put in a good atmoshpere by playing a nice mix of tunes!

    Good evening altogether…

    Ok now back to CHongming to support the Guys from the Marco Polo Cycling team who are doing a race there.

    Ohhh and never get wound up in them drinking competitiions again 🙂

  2. congrats Marc with this 1st anniversary. Hope more will come and also hope Spill will also do well enough to host a anniversary party.
    Have a nice weekend, although monday you probably have to work as we in Holland have our bankholiday…