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Pleurotus Nebrodensis and Great Bumper

Sometimes descriptions in menus at Chinese restaurants are truly amazing. Yesterday I came accross this one in a Sichuan restaurant next to our office (sorry, picture is not very sharp), where a plate of stir-fried Pleurotus Nebrodensis is available next to a portion of Great Bumper.

What happens is that the people who make these menus just translate the Chinese name in English with a dictionary. In this case a Google search learned me that the Pleurotus is a mushroom, so they should have just called it stir-fried mushrooms. And Great Bumper? I still have no clue how they got that name.

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  1. 🙂 interesting indeed, during my last visit I encountered a few interesting ones like “FRENCH FIRES” for example.

  2. Marc, great examples of funny translations. I’ve seen quite a lot of these funny translations, but these score above 8 on the 0-10 scale.