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Moving office

Today Spill Group Asia moved to its new office in the incubator center of Jiaotong University. A super location, right behind the shopping malls of Xujiahui and a 5 minute walk from the subway station. And right next to a park, not many offices in Shanghai have a view like this I suppose.

The only problem was that the furniture did not arrive yet (they are still making it, it should be finished by this weekend), but we managed to get some old furniture from the university for a few days. The main thing is that the internet connection works, and that was arranged today.

(I was planning to put more pictures here, but for some reason my blogging tool tonight does not like wysiwyg, so I have to do everything in html. I am too lazy (and tired) to make it look nice, so for more pictures see here, here, here and here – or just go to my main photo page)

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  1. According to the last picture, the staff can’t wait to get started! 🙂