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Louis Vuitton bags at Carrefour

Suppose you would want to buy a Louis Vuitton bag in Shanghai. You could go to the Xiangyang Market where you can buy a fake one for less than RMB 100. But if you want to buy a real product you’d better go to an international chain store, to make sure you get the real thing. Carrefour for example. And what does the bag cost there? Only RMB 49.90 (less than EUR 5) as employees of LV found out! Because the retail price is normally around RMB 9000 this did not smell right. And indeed, the bags were as fake as they could be.

LV is now taking its fellow-French company to court in Shanghai. Carrefour defended itself yesterday by saying that they stock 36000 different items, so things can go wrong sometimes. OK, but selling fake LV bags for half the standard Xiangyang market price? Well, Carrefour said, the problem was with their bag supplier. A representative of this company was also in court, and he explained what happened. They were not able to deliver enough goods, so they went to a roadside vendor, bought 40 bags and delivered them to Carrefour as their own products. This little mistake might cost Carrefour RMB 500,000 in damages plus RMB 100,000 in investigative costs. But it’s nice free publicity for them, and Chinese don’t care about IP infringements anyway.
(Source: Shanghai Daily)

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  1. The best part is what the Shanghai Daily didn’t translate. How did fake LV bags get onto the shelves of Carrefour? Carrefour ordered 100 women’s handbags from a supplier. The supplier went to the warehouse and found that they had only 60 handbags left. So he went to the Yu Gardens area and bought 40 handbags for RMB 20 a piece (sold for RMB 60 at Carrefour). The supplier claims that he is a simple man with only a junior high education, and so he didn’t recognize that the bags were fakes of a famous European brand.

    And you know what? I think I believe him.

  2. 🙂 so how about quality control systems etc? 😉

  3. I bought a pair of genuine LV sandals a few years ago. It costed me $400, and it was not even comfortable. If you think those countfeiters are ripping off companies like Louis Vuitton, guess who get ripped off by LV?