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Rolling Stones tickets!

I managed to get 4 tickets to the Rolling Stones concert on April 8, they were just delivered to my office!

‘I can’t get no satisfaction’? Well, I am pretty satisfied now.
‘You can’t always get what you want’? True, but I managed to get my hands on these tickets.
‘It’s only rock ‘n’ roll’ – good enough for me though!

Anybody else planning to go?

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  1. I was also successful to tickets – even golden-circle-tickets. 2 of my friends from Germany will come to see the boys here – we will have a great time, great show and great sound 🙂 Guenter

  2. I ended up with too many tickets!!

    4 on row 6 and 4 on row 7 Gold Circle….!

    Anyone want to take them off my hands for face and help me out?