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Road work

For the past 2 nights I did not sleep that well, because road work was going on Caoxi Bei Lu, the main street close to my apartment. This morning the Shanghai Daily learned me what is going on, the road will be widened from 8 to 10 lanes. From Grand Gateway to Nan Dan Lu the street is already 10 lanes (see picture taken from my kitchen), but after Nan Dan Lu it is just 8 lanes. The work should be finished within 2 months, which is quite a long time for China.

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  1. Judging from the photo, I think we’re neighbors. Mr & Mrs AsiaPundit are on the other side on Nan Dan Dong Lu.

  2. Hi AsiaPundit, nice to know we are neighbours. See you at the next Toodou Party (April 15, 1-year anniversary of the website)?