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Over 50% of Shanghai office workers is blogging

A survey by Shanghai-based CBP Career Consultants (China’s first career consulting company, set up in June 2004) shows that 52% of all Shanghai office workers has a weblog. And an additional 28% is thinking about setting up a blog. I am not sure how representative this survey is, because this seems an astonishingly high figure to me.

During the past weeks I did many job interviews with candidates for positions at Spill Group Asia, and most of them I asked if they have a weblog. Only about 1 in 5 told me they have one, but of course they may lie about this because their blogs may show a different side of them than they want to show me.

Interesting is also that an amazing 60% of the bloggers does not hesitate to blog about their frustations with their boss. I seems to be time to find out who of my employees has a blog, to see what they have to write about me 🙂

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  1. 52%? That’s huge. that’s huge. Advertisers must be crazy…