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Mercedes-Benz podcasts

My former employer DaimlerChrysler has also jumped on the podcasting bandwagon and has started to produce podcasts to reach its customers. They have both video-podcasts (about dance, music, sports and design and of course full of product information) and audio-podcasts (an English language music program). The website in German can be found here.

Mercedes-Benz Italia also has its own (video)podcast, they introduce it as follows:
Benvenuti nel podcast Mercedes-Benz! State entrando in un universo di passione ed esclusivitĂ . Scoprite i nostri modelli, punte d’eccellenza nelle loro categorie, dalle berline compatte alle limousine, passando per i roadster e le sportivissime coupĂ©.
I downloaded the first episode, it’s the commercial for the new M-Class. They also have one online for the R-Class.

You can directly subscribe to all of Mercedes-Benz’ podcasts through iTunes, just do a search for Mercedes-Benz.

I am glad to see that they are doing this, as many of you know I am a big fan of podcasting and I think it is an excellent (and cheap) way to reach your target group. In case any of my former colleagues at DaimlerChrysler China should read this and also wants to start a local podcast, please contact me and we can help you to set up a feed for this at

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