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I have a nice apartment in Shanghai, but certainly not as luxurious as the expat compounds that I used to live in while working for DaimlerChrysler. So to my surprise I noted a Maybach that was parked right in front of the entrance to my apartment building. Did one of my neighbours win the lottery?

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  1. Finally they delivered your bonus for your years working with Daimler 😉

  2. WTF is a Maybach? I’m not a car nut, but I would’ve thought I’d at least heard of them before.

  3. @Derek – it’s a car brand produced by DaimlerChrysler. The car is one of the most luxurious in the world, and priced accordingly. This was only the second time I saw one in China, so they are not very common!

  4. I have only seen one in Holland before and one in Beijing. Don’t know how many they actually produce in 1 year.
    Whats the price of this car in China, around 8.000.000 rmb?

  5. @milesdavis: that could be, there is at least one guy who bought his mistress an apartment in this building and who drives a Ferrari. He does not want to pay the underground garage parking fee (or wants to show off), so always parks his Ferrari in front of the building as well.

  6. @David: as expensive as a Maybach can get, it is still cheaper than you expected – around 6.800.000rmb for a Maybach 62 🙂

    @Marc: This looks like a Maybach 62 bought in a grey market to me … due to the orange reflector at the side of the door as well as the wheel rim :p