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Google down in Shanghai

For the past couple of hours has been down in Shanghai. But not only that, also its adservers seem to have a serious problem: when opening a site with Google ads you get the error message that cannot be reached. Luckily Gmail still works, although it seems to be slower than usual. is working flawlessly, coincidence?

Update: (March 15, 8 AM) is working again in Shanghai, but all their adservers are still down. Maybe it was due to a misconfiguration of the Great Chinese Firewall? But why was only Google affected? And why not just, but also all the other country codes?

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  1. same situation here in Beijing since this morning. No .com, no .de, no .nl only .cn…

  2. Interesting, then it seems to be China wide. When all the foreign google domains are unavailable it looks like a block.

  3. def. blocked since you can access it through a proxy.

    Gmail is accesible but Google reader isn’t.