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A few weeks ago I read a post on Jeroen Berghuis’ blog about problems with an elevator that made me laugh. Not only because I can imagine this really happens in China, but also because of his cynical writing style. Today I came across the same post again, and still found it so funny that I decided to cross-post it here. I cannot link to the post directly, but it can be found on this page. Here it is:

On my way to the airport I got into the elevator in my apartment building. As it was early (08:00 AM which I personally consider being in the middle of the bloody night…) there were only two Chinese girls in the elevator when I got in. On the way down there was suddenly a loud bang and the elevator plunged down for a meter or two (it felt like much more…) until it came to a crashing halt. The girls screamed in fear like girls do and so did I (which is slightly more embarrassing as I am not a girl and should not screech like one, not even when I think I’m going to die on the bottom of a Chinese elevator shaft…).

Luckily the elevator came to a halt on the 12th floor and after a couple of antagonizing seconds the doors opened and I rushed out to safe ground. I was expecting the two girls to do the same but no. When I looked back the girls were still standing in the elevator. They told me “good choice” (I safely assume it was about my choice of getting off the malfunctioning elevator and not about my attire…) but stayed themselves in the elevator! WTF? You have a death wish or just no brain? This fucking elevator is about to fall apart! Take the bloody stairs and live, you lazy bitch! But the elevator doors closed again and the last thing I saw was one of the girls furiously stabbing the ground floor button with her little finger…

5 minutes later I arrived on the ground floor and saw that the elevator was still stuck on the 12th floor, presumably with the girlies still in it. Well at least it didn’t end up crashing on the basement floor. That would have been a massive loss of PRC brain power…

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