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Diamond credit card

The China Daily (yes, I sometimes read it…) writes that Minsheng Bank is offering a credit card with a monthly overdraft facility of 3 million RMB. This is already quite some news, because the official maximum overdraft in China is only 50,000 RMB. But even more interesting is one of their main target groups for this diamond credit card: senior government officials.

Outside China this would not raise too many eyebrows, but a vice-minister level official in China only earns about 3000 RMB per month. This means that even after working for a lifetime he or she could not have earned 3 million RMB. The only other way to get so much money is by being corrupt and taking bribes. So if the government really wants to do something about corruption, they now have an easy way. Just compare the list of succesful applicants for this card with a list of all government employees!

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  1. or…it is a way to track down corruption 🙂