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Virgin complex

Sometimes I really wonder whether the editors of Chinese newspapers are making up some of their stories. Today was one of those times, when the Shanghai Daily carried this story:

A man whose anonym is a Zhao Tong, has received two brain operations to rid himself of his virgin complex, Shanghai Evening Post reported today.

Zhao, 28, had the second operation yesterday, because he wants to marry his girlfriend but can’t get rid of the thoughts of her not being a virgin.

After the operation, he felt light-headed and was disorganized, but said he now doesn’t think about his girlfriend’s “un-virgin” status as much as he used to.

Pan Jiyang, a psychological doctor at the Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, said the complex is caused by some biological factors.

Zhao Zhenhuan, the dean of the Guangzhou Brain Hospital, said that treating mental diseases by brain operation began in the late 1980s in China. In the United States, only when pharmaceutical treatments don’t work, can patients receive brain operation.

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  1. by the way is he a virgin himself that he is making so much fuss about his ‘possible’ future wife?