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Last night Sierk Vojacek invited me for dinner at the Shintori restaurant in Julu Lu. Susanne Viguurs, SVP’s financial advisor/accountant from Holland, was visiting Shanghai and she also joined the dinner. Shintori is one of the better Japanese restaurants in Shanghai. Most of the Japanese places are either teppanyaki style or buffet style, but Shintori is different. No RMB 150 all you can eat and drink deal, but a hypermodern environment (only concrete on the inside, but very beautiful – forgot to take pictures of that…_) with very special menu items.

The Rock and Roll salad is a regular for me when I go here: they shake the salad ingredients in a glass cocktail tumbler. Also the codfish dishes are fantastic, and as appetizer you should order the cheese and shrimp rolls. The beef sukiyaki is something I can also advise, excellent taste and a reasonable portion. Of course you can also order sushi and sashimi here, and their quality is definitively better than in most other Shanghainese Japanese restaurants.

Pricewise you should count on about RMB 500 per person, including drinks. 3 times the price of the all-you-can-eat places, but the atmosphere and great food compensate for that. Shintori has several outlets in Shanghai, but this is the nicest one in my opinion.

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