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Samsonite repair trouble

I bought a new Samsonite carry-on bag in November, and had only used it on 3 or 4 plane trips when suddenly the top handle broke off. Exactly to avoid that I bought my Samsonite at an official upclass store instead of on some fake market. But it seems that the even the quality of original products is not as good as it was.

So I went back to the store (Isetan in Meilongzhen) last night to get the suitcase repaired. The reply: sorry, you have to go to the repair store to get it repaired. But the official guarantee papers clearly state (even in Chinese) that you can bring your suitcase back to any official store to get it repaired. No she said, that’s not how we do it, you have to bring your suitcase there yourself. In China you always have to fight for your right, so a loud argument started in the store. This was too much for the shop girl, so she went to talk to someone else (her boss I presume). Eventually a compromise was reached, they would send it to the repair center, and I could pick it up there when it would be repaired. That was fine for me, because I found out the repair place is on my way to work.

But I cannot get used to the arrogance of Shanghai shop assistants who simply refuse to help a customer. It happens all the time, even in high-end shopping malls. They are just lazy, and if you don’t make a scene they try to ignore you. There are still a lot of service improvements possible here!

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  1. I agreed. I thought they only do that to female and Chinese!!

    One time I threated to walk out, not paying, at a restaurant. That quickly attracted the attention of the male manager and brought me the bill I waited for more than 15 minutes. I was with 15 others so it was not a small amount.

    Another business idea for you. Train these people!

  2. Hi Hoong,

    But to be trained you need to understand what you are lacking 🙂

    So a long way to go then…..

  3. You raised an interesting topic that I have been itching to write, and on-and-off my thoughts do surfaced on things I wrote.

    The more I think about it, the more I think is so much the question of psychology. Why these people behave these ways?

    I was in China for ONLY 3 months. In that space I quarreled with someone at the bank when I tried to change money, quarreled at the post-office trying to send some books, quarreled at the hospital with the ultra-sound technician, and of course at the restaurant, plus some other minor incidents, AND many that I just bit my tongue and walked away.

    When I looked back at my experienced in China, I always laugh at the incredible ‘quarrels’ that they managed to lure me into. The amount I quarreled in 3 months would have taken me 3 or more years in my normal life.

    I think there are multiple reasons. (I will write more in my blog when I get around to it) One of them I can think of is their natural attitudes, cultures etc. Another perhaps is inferiourity (spelling) complex. Perhaps. They can be train, but would need to first change their attitude.

    I did have a very pleasant experience with a little waitress at a local restaurant. She is from a small village. Working in Shanghai to support her family. I was there most nights for some simple food. Decent, friendly, cheerful, unspoiled yet by the city life. I gave her my contact info. but I never heard from her.

  4. Hi, i just read about your experience with Samsonite…was wondering, do you still have the repair center’s address or phone number? I am in the same boat…

  5. I don’t have the exact address, but they are on the corner of Huaihai Lu and Xiangyang Lu in the K. Wah center. In the lobby you can find out on what floor they are (I did the same).
    Anuj, I will also send this to you in a mail in case you don’t check the comments anymore