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It’s the same thing every time I have vacation, or at least when I reduce my workload and also do some things other than just working: I manage to get sick. Yesterday night I went to get a foot massage and it was much more painful than normally. So I told the masseuse to take it easy, but even though she applied less pressure it still hurt a lot. I suddenly realized I might get sick… And yes, that happened.

After driving home I went to bed straight away. I had a bad night with strange dreams. I was planning to go skiing today with former DaimlerChrysler colleagues, but when my alarm rang at 6:30 AM I was hardly able to turn it off, let alone get up to go skiing. Qi then also decided to stay home, although I told her she should go. I turned around and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up around 11, took a shower, and already felt much better. So I decided to start working, but that was not too smart. After 2 hours I almost fell from my chair (exhausted and dizzy). I managed to get back to bed and slept most of the afternoon. I am feeling a little better now, but plan to quickly check my mails and then go to sleep again. Fever was at 38.1 Celcius just now, so I’d better watch it.

p.s. the place where I got a foot massage was quite good. If you should be in Beijing and want to try an upclass massage place, try Bodhi on Gongti Bei Lu 17 (opposite North gate of Workers Stadium).

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  1. oh, I am sorry to hear that. How are you feeling now? I guess Beijing’s bad weather is the reason for that.

  2. Hi Marc,

    Sorry to hear that. “Van Harte Beterschap”, I know it is hard… but take enough time to recover. Or else you will be underperforming for weeks.



  3. @Amy: the Beijing weather may be part of the reason. It’s really cold here. Just now it was snowing lightly, and there is a hard wind blowing. Tomorrow night it will get even colder (-11 degrees)
    @ Marcel: Thanks Marcel, it is indeed very hard to stay in bed most of the day. It feels like such a waste of time. Anyway, cannot do much else, so I have to face. Still feeling bad, so no new blog entry today.