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Yesterday I was looking at a new office for one of my businesses, and I took a picture on the street to show to my colleagues. In that picture someone is crossing the road, but I did not pay much attention to him. I cross the road as well and suddenly bump into Thijs Bosma, a Dutch friend of mine who is doing several projects in Shanghai. Later when I look at the pictures I find out that he is the one who crossed the road on the picture. What are the chances of this happening in a city of 17 million people?

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  1. Quite highly really. You are a westerner doing businesses in Shanghai for westerners. Bosma is a westerner doing projects in Shanghai for westerners. You run around with the same crowd, you hear similar suggestions of places that worth looking into, you have the ‘same eyes’ of looking at things etc. etc.

    I met people in Shanghai that I met in Busan during business trips months before.

  2. Hello Hoong, I agree with you if I had met him in a bar or a restaurant. But when taking a picture during the afternoon on a working day in a quiet street in the French Concession, I do not think it is likely to find a friend in the frame.

  3. It was French Concession , but not nowadays. You can say XXXX District.