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Busy week

For the first time in a very long time I did not post anything for a week on this blog. The reason? I was very busy and just did not find some quiet time to write down some thoughts, even though I came accross several interesting articles (I might post some of them later).

I was in Holland for a couple of days earlier this week. Had some good meetings in Hilversum and Amsterdam, and also went to the IPAN new years drink in Amsterdam where I met lots of interesting people fromt the Dutch internet scene. I flew back on Wednesday, arriving in Shanghai on Thursday morning. Straight from the plane back to the office, due to the many things happening. Only two more weeks until Chinese New Year, and still many things that have to be finalized.

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  1. I’m curious on the pics you made at the IPAN. You have my emailadress 🙂


  2. Hi David, they will be on Flickr as soon as I can connect to that site. Connections in China are horrible at the moment, and uploading to Flickr is impossible right now. Check again later today or tomorrow, I hope they will be on there by then.

  3. Marc,

    Although busy…looks like it is mainly positive developments..

    Keep up the speed!


  4. Hi Marcel, thanks, developments are indeed positive. Will blog about it probably later this week. Cheers, Marc