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Annual parties

This week is the week of the corporate annual parties in Shanghai. Most companies organize a dinner for all employees to thank them for the hard work in the Year of the Rooster, and to look forward to the Year of the Dog that will start on Sunday.

Last night had its annual dinner at a hotpot restaurant on Zhaojiabang Lu. It was a fun dinner, with lots of meat, noodles, mushrooms, tofu, vegetables and beer. There was only one big hotpot, so everyone was fighting for the food when it was cooked (at least at first). One guy announced he did not have a decent dinner for a week after this dinner was announced. The Toodou crew filmed most of the dinner, so expect a video of the party on Toodou very soon.

Tomorrow I will likely have dinner and drinks with Sierk (sort of like the SVP annual party), Thursday is the annual party for Roland Berger (where I am also invited as a spouse), and Friday China Bay will organize a year-end lunch for its personnel. Saturday it’s off to Beijing for the New Year’s Eve dinner there. And in between there is work, work, work…

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  1. you can spend 1500cny for a lavish dinner with only your wife and just treat your hard wokring employees hot pot as annual dinner?