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Wikipedia browser

In China Wikipedia has been blocked for several months now, and nobody knows when (or if) the site will be unblocked. Because I used the site quite often, I have been looking for alternative ways to get onto to the site. It is possible to browse the site through a proxy server, but I found a much easier solution: Gollum, The Wikipedia Browser

What is Gollum (entry, including hyperlinks, copied from Wikipedia)?:
Gollum Browser is a simplified Web browser that only opens articles from Wikipedia. Links external to Wikipedia are opened in the user’s regular browser. Gollum is opened from a regular browser and makes a window that puts the Wikipedia search bar on the toolbar. Gollum was created by Harald Hanek in 2005 using PHP and AJAX.

I have tried it for two weeks now, and am very satisfied it. In case you’re in China and want to use Wikipedia, give Gollum a try at

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  1. I find it interesting the Chinese government blocsk Wikipedia. Can someone tell me the reason(s) why?