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TV: Higher ratings because of internet distribution

Quote from yesterday’s New York Times:
Internet distribution does not seem to affect the viewership of the broadcast programs(…). Ratings of ABC’s “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives” have increased since they have been available for sale on iTunes. Similarly, Mr. Zucker said, the audience for “NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams” has grown since the network started making a Webcast of the program available at 10 o’clock Eastern time each night.

Good news for both the TV industry and for video/podcasting websites. I wonder if the same is true for radio programs that are available online? The results there might be different, because radio listeners have a different behaviour than a TV audience. I expect the total listeners to go up (live radio plus podcast audience), but don’t think people will actually tune in for a radio program podcast that they are listening to on their iPod or mobile phone.

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