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Toodou Google results

Today for the first time a Google search on the word ‘Toodou’ showed over 100,000 results, 103,000 to be precise. Two days ago it was still 98,000, so it’s increasing quite fast. Most are Chinese sites using the word Toodou. “Only” 11,700 Enlgish pages mention Toodou, 152 Dutch ones, 15 in German and 14 in French.

I still remember when we registered the name Toodou, then Google still asked: Did you mean ‘to do’?

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  1. Hoi,
    you mean 152 dutch sites writing about toodou or there are 152 sites on toodou written in dutch?

    David Isings

  2. 152 Dutch sites writing about Toodou. I guess I phrased it incorrectly, will edit the post to make it clearer.