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Podcast interview

Fons Tuinstra from the China Herald interviewed me over Skype, and put the podcast online. The quality could be better, because Fons’ voice is recorded much louder than mine (he said that he will work on this), but the Skype connection between Brussels and Shanghai was quite good.

One interesting thing about podcasts is that they are normally pretty rough and not edited too much. For example, had this been a radio interview, then the first part of the interview when Fons asks about getting Amy Gu online would probably be cut out. In podcasting this is not really an issue. Even in Adam Curry’s daily source code you hear things that you would never hear on radio (lighting up a cigarette, taking a phone call while on air, or talking to his wife or daughter who walk into the room while he is recording). That is what I personally like about podcasting – and that is what I hope will not disappear when podcasting becomes more mainstream.

The blog post is here, the interview can be also be accessed on Toodou, just click here.

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