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Sitting in a coffee shop in the basement of the Kerry Mall in Beijing where I found a free hotspot to check my mail. Nice and warm in here, outside it is freezing cold and it is expected to snow later.

Just now I had a long meeting with a client. I was a bit early, so I walked around a neighbourhood shopping mall before going to the meeting. Just before I planned to walk to the meeting I passed by a perfume store. One of the shop attendants was standing in front of me and wanted to give the air a nice fragrance by spraying some perfume in the air. Nice idea of course, but not if she puts her hand high above her head and sprays the fragrance behind her – right into my face and eyes! She apologized a thousand times, but that did not help me. My eyes were hurting and I smelled like a cheap ladies perfume. And that 5 minutes before the meeting started. I went to the washroom to try to wash off the smell with soap, but that did not really help. Nobody said anything about it during the meeting, but you can imagine that I felt quite awkward!

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  1. I think the picture is from a bath tile. Found it on the internet and thought it fitted well for this post.