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Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs

On Christmas Day I also went to the Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs. It’s a nice place for a walk, because it is one of the very few places in Shanghai where it is actually quiet. You don’t hear the noise of cars, and there are hardly any people. In summer you are even allowed to walk and sit on the grass (very unusual for China). The place is a museum for Revolutionary Martyrs, and some of them are supposed to be buried here as well.

The museum is located in a glass pyramid, and is actually quite interesting. And not unimportant for tourists, most exhibits and pictures have English descriptions. It gives a (very one-sided) view of life in China in the time before the Communists took over power, and it has photos of all the ‘martyrs’ that were executed during that time. I think we were the only visitors in the museum, so the subject does not seem to be very popular among Chinese. If you want to take a look, the entrance to the cemetary is on Longhua Xi Lu next to the Longhua Temple.

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