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Gay couple looking for lesbian couple

The Shanghai Daily has a story this morning that at first glance is funny, but which is actually very sad. A male gay couple put an ad online to look for a lesbian couple to get married to. The males are being pushed by their parents to find wives, and they are even setting up dates with potential partners for them. To get over this they now decided to find a lesbian couple that is facing the same issues, and get married to them to be able to continue their current lifestyle.

It is sad that many people in China are still so conservative that they cannot accept homosexuality. Especially when people are forced to marry someone they don’t love, just to make sure the family does not loose face. I think this couple made a good decision, at least better than marrying a woman who has no idea about their gay background and potentially putting her into misery as well. But of course the only real solution would be if they would be able to come out of the closet.

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