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Dutch meeting at Toodou

Late Friday afternoon I planned to have a meeting with two Dutch guys active in the Chinese film industry, film director David Verbeek and producer Jeroen Jedeloo about a new project at Toodou. Then I got a call from Thijs Bosma, a Dutch person who used to work with Media Republic in Amsterdam, and who is now looking to start an online business in Shanghai. He just arrived in Shanghai on Thursday, so I invited him as well to have a beer with us. Then I was introduced over the internet to another Dutch person, James Loudon, who works with Media Sky and the Shanghai Daily. They just started their first Buzzword pocast this week, so I invited him as well to get to know him and hear about their product. So there we were, 5 Dutch guys in the Toodou office having a couple of Reeb’s (Shanghainese beer) early Friday evening. We actually did not discuss much about the new project, but it was fun to speak Dutch for a change.

By the way, can anybody confirm whether the name Reeb was indeed invented by Mr. Freddy Heineken by inverting the word beeR?
(picture from left to right: David, Jeroen, James, Thijs and Marc)

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