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China Podcast Awards 2005, in cooperation with Podlook, Seehaha, Imboke and Vvlogger is organizing the China Podcast Awards 2005. And this is the website:

From today until Dec. 15 everybody can nominate the best Chinese language podcasts in 10 different categories. After that the public can vote for one month for the best podcasts in China. So on January 16 we will know who the winners are of the China Podcast Awards 2005.

And as a clear indication that podcasting is moving into mainstream media, it was announced that the word ‘podcast’ was chosen as “Word of the Year” for 2005 by the New Oxford American Dictionary (source: Last year the Word of the Year was ‘weblog’.

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  1. Maybe you can indicate where your non-chinese visitors should click to vote? Or is that amount not relevant? 😀

  2. If you cannot read Chinese you are not allowed to vote 🙂 What you vote for is for a Chinese language podcast, not a website like Otherwise I would certainly provide an automatic voting link! Cheers, Marc