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Anti internet addiction TV show

iResearch has news about a new TV show:
China will soon begin broadcasting an anti-Internet addiction TV show, reports China Youth Daily.

The TV series is called ‘The Story of Shan Dian Mao’ and will have 38 episodes. The show was produced by the China Commission to Care for the Next Generation, China Youth League’s Online Movie and TV Center, and the China Youth Internet Association.

Problem is that they might not reach the intended target group, as those people are stuck behind their computer screen. Maybe they should also make a version available that can be downloaded?

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  1. uhhh you mean podcast?

    Or maybe they should develop some games or so 🙂

  2. That’s right Marcel, you may have a chance to reach the target group if you produce video podcasts. Games are also an interesting idea, but they have to be boring in order to prevent people from becoming addicted to them 🙂