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Toodou's new office – Day 1 moved to its new office on the Suzhou Creek (next to the Xizhang Lu Bridge) and I took some pictures today. It is still a bit empty, and decoration is not completely finished yet, but at least there is a treadmill so I can run 🙂

This Friday night there will be a office-warming party during which some graffiti artists will decorate our white walls. Next week things should look different!

Stan van Engelen from Dutch public broadcaster VPRO came to visit our office this afternoon.
The future meeting room of, with a fantastic view over the river.
My Apple Powerbook in action

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  1. I like the spartan interior of your office. Easy to keep clean, too!

    Is there a program on VPRO soon that I should watch?

  2. Start-ups should have spartan interiors, and it actually fits to the warehouse environment (the office is an old warehouse).

    Stan is here for a documentary series that compares the port of Rotterdam with Shanghai. But I think he got some more inspiration for another documentary!

  3. Hi Micah, every blogger and internet entrpreneur we know was invited – problem is party was last night already. For the next party you’re on the list!